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'1 watcher(s)' as well as 'a member' in project edit logs
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But how does that expose any problem?
"added 1 watcher(s)" isn't entirely incomprehensible and currently there is only English provided, hence no issues with language that have more than one plural.

it exposes '1 watcher(s)'.

MediaWiki solves this with a plural function.

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The specific string mentioned in the initial comment is not in that file, I guess it should.

Looks like they're using a pseudo-gettext (keyless) format, stored in PHP arrays. So they have all the limits of gettext, without any of the advantages?

Is "Phabricator lacks plural support" still true, or do they have some kind of plural support and they are just not using it?

@Krenair reported upstream, and the report is resolved. I still don't know whether Phabricator lacks support for plurals, or whether such support still needs to be implemented in some strings.

They don't lack support for it, it just wasn't being used for this message.

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