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Dropper.Generic Trojan Horse
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Author: juliebolliger

I went to http://en/;
attempted to open "Because of You" at
_-_Because_Of_You and am now the unwitting host of a virus
which apparently duplicates itself.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Windows ME
Platform: PC



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Can you provide details of what program told you you have a
virus? Such warnings are sometimes false positives.

I can find no virus in that file (which is in fact a working ogg file, btw). Try
the following pages, which use a variety of virus scanners to check the file you
upload (use the small box at the top of the page):

The file I scanned can be identified uniquely using the following (this is also
displayed by virustotal):
MD5: f60e194a42877f2ab88a139afe79c16c
SHA1: f3e6f3965d87776d30e177678c6606b8656670e9

It appears that your problems have another source. If you are confident that
they stem from this file on Wikipedia, please povide more details about what
software gives you what message, what problems you are experiencing, since when,
etc. Note that *if* the file is infected, it may have been infected on your
computer. The checksums above give you a way to see if the file on your disk is
identical to the one on wikipedia.

Rescanned with Virustotal. Same file as Duesentrieb's. Now virus files should be
much more updated as three months ago, when you experienced it. No antivirus
found a virus on it.
So, as you didn't provide more info on it, i close as invalid. It probably was a
false positive.

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