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Message 'visualeditor-dialog-transclusion-no-template-description' uses raw HTML
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Message 'visualeditor-dialog-transclusion-no-template-description' uses raw HTML.

"visualeditor-dialog-transclusion-no-template-description": "{{GENDER:$3|You are adding}} the \"$1\" template to this page. It doesn't yet have a description, but there might be some information on the <a $2>template's page</a>.",

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Not going to work on this right now since it has a nasty dependency, but the issue is dear to my heart.

The dependency wasn't quite as nasty as it looked.

Change 243952 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński):
Stop using raw HTML for 'visualeditor-dialog-transclusion-no-template-description'

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Change 243952 merged by jenkins-bot:
Stop using raw HTML for 'visualeditor-dialog-transclusion-no-template-description'