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Icons do not support fallback languages
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Change 186006 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gerrit Patch Uploader):
Support fallback languages for icons


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To actually test this for all possible scenarios, don't we have to "rem" the offset coordinate calls in jquery.wikiEditor.toolbar.config.js made to the spirited .png in order for the [allegedly] "true" fallback -- direct calls to individual .png files that use img tags to "build" buttons instead -- to kick in here first?

Otherwise how are we sure the behavior is not being caused by specific code related to just the offset-coordinate scheme or a problem with the spirited .png image itself?


Approach testing from the other way and add de-formal to the existing list of offset coordinates & individual .png target files for the bold and italic buttons in jquery.wikiEditor.toolbar.config.js to matching the existing entry for de to see if it still fails.


Maybe I'm just completely confused from the top since there are no ...

  • format-bold-rtl.png
  • format-italic-rtl.png

... individual image files to begin with in the images directory -- nor the typical entry for such...

. . .
	'offset': {
		'default': [2, -574],
		'default-rtl': [???, ????],    <-----
		. . .
	'icon': {
		'default': 'format-bold.png',
		'default-rtl': 'format-bold-rtl.png'      <----
		. . .
. . .

... files or offset coordinates found in the current listing for Bold & Italic buttons within jquery.wikiEditor.toolbar.config.js as well.

It dawns on me now that lacking this last point (see how bulleted and ordered lists are defined in the same .js for a reference) behind the broken fallback behavior -- an rtl default for those buttons are simply not there.

Change 186006 merged by jenkins-bot:
Support fallback languages for icons

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