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Investigate replacing our custom DNS code with Designate
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We're hobbled in various ways by our custom OpenStackManager-embedded DNS code. Designate looks like a good candidate for a replacement.

I continue to think that Designate is promising. The packaging situation is a bit messed up -- the Ubuntu cloud archive folks aren't paying attention to designate, so the only official Ubuntu packages currently available are for Utopic. Faidon is going to take a stab at backporting.

Change 197326 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew Bogott):
Turn on the rpc_notifier.

Change 197326 merged by Andrew Bogott:
Turn on the rpc_notifier.

Update: designate is up and running on holmium. Integration with nova via designate-sink seems to be working.

Bad news is that floating IPs don't seem to be supported for nova-network in designate icehouse. I need to dig into more recent code to see if this is supported in newer versions; otherwise we might have to write it ourselves.

Further update:

The dns server running on is serving up ips for names like:


Those are automatically created when instances are created, and removed when instances are deleted.