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Add property & index on namespace in page_revisions
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We would like to be able to list pages in a specific namespace. We already get this information from the PHP API, but don't store the result in the page_revisions table. To implement this, we'll need to

a) add an (integer) namespace attribute to the page_revisions table, and
b) possibly add one or more secondary indexes that make this queryable

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@Ciencia_Al_Poder, you might misunderstand what this is about. This is about restbase, a storage service that's independent from MW.

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Further, it would be nice to have listings of pages by namespace. Something along the lines of:

  • /{domain}/page/namespace/ gives the list of namespace names
  • /{domain}/page/namespace/{namespace}/ gives the list of pages belonging to the namespace with the given name

This can be accomplished by storing namespace id to name mappings in a second table (complete with aliases). Since the actual namespace listings are static for each MW installation, these could be obtained either on start-up or checked on demand.

@mobrovac, agreed on the listings. Lets move that to a new task.

Closing this with the merge of PR #178.