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Deleting section heading leaves "==<nowiki/>=="
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Place the cursor right to the "s" in "Times", and hit the backspace key repeatedly to remove the entire "External links" section including the section heading.

Result: Instead of deleting the section entirely, the following is left in the wikitext: "==<nowiki/>=="

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Could not reproduce it in production - If an entire section is deleted via VE, the output will be :

<h2 class="ve-ce-branchNode"><span class="ve-ce-branchNode-slug ve-ce-branchNode-inlineSlug">
<img src="" class="ve-ce-chimera" style="width: 0px; height: 0px;"></span></h2>

No ==<nowiki/>== will be present in Edit source.

I can still reproduce it as described. To clarify, when I wrote "the following is left in the wikitext", I was referring to the wikitext as shown in the preview diff, in the "review your changes" dialog.