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transfer over to MarkMonitor
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continue and resolve "#8616: transfer over to MarkMonitor" from RT

this is also an example for a ticket that would belong into the projected requested in T87465

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From: Doneva Daggett

"I am following up on the RN# and passwords for the following domain names. Please contact your current registry for the requested information. I will need this to move forward with the transfer of these names."

Registrar: EuroDNS S.A.
Registrar website:
Registrar email:
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Contact name: Mayer Daniel
Contact email:

^ Who is Daniel Mayer ?

Hello Yana,Luis,

do you have the login for ?

Could you contact them to get the RN# and passwords for and and give them to MarkMonitor (Doneva Daggett) or, alternatively give the password to Doneva so they can handle the transfer?

The goal is to get those domains transferred from there to MarkMonitor.
Also, the Contact name should be updated from "Daniel Mayer" to our regular "Domain Admin" or something similar.



mailed Yana Welinder in personal mail asking her if she can get that info and give it to MarkMonitor.. or give them the login

mailed Yana Welinder

CC'ing @Yana here.

This has happened now (we got emails about it from Doneva Dagget of MarkMonitor)

dzahn@sphinx:~/wmf/puppet$ whois | grep "Contact org"
Contact organization: MarkMonitor

dzahn@sphinx:~/wmf/puppet$ whois | grep "Contact org"
Contact organization: MarkMonitor

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