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Streamline the Architecture Committee and the RfC process (tracking)
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Let's improve the Architecture Committee and the architecture RfC process up to a level that we consider good.

Definition of the problem

According to , the purpose of the ArchCom is

  • Act as advisors: Answer questions / react to RFCs related to the software and system architecture of MediaWiki.
  • Act as gate keepers: Veto bad code / other architecture decisions (in code review as well as higher level planning)
  • Act as inspectors: identify and document architectural problems
  • Act as leaders: define guidelines, goals and activities to improve MediaWiki architecture

Although there has been a lot of progress since the creation of the ArchCom, we still need to ensure that this aim becomes a consolidated reality.


  • Set this group with the best chances of success.
    • The first three are process issues
    • About the fourth, current c'tee tends to be reactive, not setting priorities or driving RfCs to implementation.
  • Document the process describing how these happen
  • We need to define the actions that need doing.
  • We need real owners of actions.

Docs that need revision

There is a bunch of pages, and we need to assure that we have a setup that makes sense. The following docs might be good, or they might need updating, cleaning, purge...

See also (is there something to be extracted?)

In an ideal situation...

  • Team Practices Group would help with the process. But they are currently swamped.
  • Engineering Community Team would help with documentation, and also in the definition of community processes in the short term.
  • Improving private architecture meeting might help the public IRC meetings as a side effect
  • New members will change committee behavior, strong people on the inside.

Here and now

  • The ownership of this task should be @brion's
    • @Spage will propose the switch for tomorrow's meeting
    • SPage will bring up this task and its subtasks at next Architecture Committee meeting, encourage discussion, and record the agreed approach on the ^wiki pages above.

Success: what is says, "Fix the architecture RfC process"

How ECT can help during April-June 2015:

  • @Spage to help with documentation and a bit of scrummaster-ish support.
  • @Qgil to help Brion and c'tee agree on governance model by Lyon

ECT can try to help cleaning the current situation, but we need a definition of done for this quarter, Then, it should be more Team Practices Group's job.

@RobLa notes that currently there is no budget ask for this. Should we get one by Monday, 30 March? Kevin feels like this is 1/4 TPG...

Event Timeline

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At the 2015-02-04 architecture committee meeting (Etherpad), the architects informally agreed on some process:

  • create a phabricator task for each RFC (add to RFC template as | bug = TNNN)
  • do triage in phabricator, use the ArchCom workboard
  • if there's a decision-maker for an RFC, that person will be the assigned person in the phab task
  • involve relevant module maintainer somehow
Spage set Security to None.

Based on further discussion among Architecture committee, I have a draft new process.

Spage moved this task from Backlog to Doing on the ECT-February-2015 board.

I updated with the Architecture Committee's use of the #MediaWiki-RfCs Phabricator workboard \o/ But this task gained a lot of subtasks :)

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@ksmith, @Qgil, @RobLa and @Spage had a meeting today about this task, and we have updated the descriptions with the outcomes of the conversation.

Work will continue. The Architecture Committee should take on some of these tasks.

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Post-reorg there's a dedicated Architecture team in the Technology group, its manager will take this on.

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I don't think the RfC process is currently broken, so I do not think "fix" is the appropriate word. The RfC process could definitely be improved, but so could any process involving human beings. I'm not sure that the task is actionable. I propose we close it.

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I agree with Ori that this should probably just be closed. There's an iteration task that I could make, but this task is a soupy mess right now, and it would probably just be best to start with a new task rather than iterating on this one.