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Services roadmap Jan-March 2015
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  • Support edit performance work with fast content API exposing clean HTML and related metadata
  • Support micro-contributions (esp. mobile) with section edit API based on Parsoid HTML
  • Enable innovation by accelerating API and service development with generic solutions to common problems (monitoring, caching / storage with updates, authorization, sanitization) and develop common guidelines for service development & deployment
  • Encourage move towards state / stateless separation & cross-DC replication
  • Integrate with SOA auth(z/n)

Q3 dependencies

  1. SOA auth service T84962
  2. Ops support for cross-DC roll-out

Q3 Deliverables

  1. RESTBase v1 in production: T1228
  2. Performance: < 20ms 95th for small (<10k) resources, <250ms 95th for 2mb resources
  3. Section-editing API module for mobile & VE
  4. Integrate RESTBase (auth<n|z> for private wikis, PUT / DELETE requests, per-service ACLs)
  5. RB/VE integration

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