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create ORES project in Labs
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Project Name: ores

Purpose: for

Wikitech Username of requestor: Danilo

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Danilo raised the priority of this task from to Medium.
Danilo updated the task description. (Show Details)
Danilo added subscribers: Matthewrbowker, scfc, coren and 3 others.

Just in case that is something that should be requested now, I would like to have access to it too (shell account name: he7d3r). And so would @Halfak and @とある白い猫, I think.

Do you want to re-use the revscoring project or have an ores one? I'm fine with either :)

I think we should stick with 'revscoring'. Thanks @yuvipanda. And thanks @Danilo. I had forgotten that Yuvi had already created the 'revscoring' project for us when I talked to @Danilo about making this task, so the duplicate is my fault.

He7d3r set Security to None.