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Linktrail broken in kk
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Author: alefzet

Links with non-English characters like '[[сілтеме]]лер' don't work in kk-wiki.

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ayg wrote:

The correct regex would appear to be:


That *should* whitelist all the Kazakh-Cyrillic characters for linktrail, if I
have them correct (from [[Kazakh language]] on enwiki). It would be possible to
institute this change locally by just getting an admin to change
[[kk:MediaWiki:Linktrail]]. (Any additional characters you might want go inside
the square brackets with the others; you can use ranges in Unicode order like
[a-i] or just a list of characters like [abcdefghi].)

alefzet wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

The correct regex would appear to be:/^([a-zА-Яа-яӘәҒғҚқҢңӨөҺһҮүҰұІі]+)(.*)$/sD

Not at all. It isn't work.
Last change is



It appears correct? But still don't work...

ayg wrote:

I've been informed that MediaWiki:Linktrail no longer functions. This will have
to be entered into a new language file.

jimmy.collins wrote:

Fixed in r15938.