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Criteria for searchContainedSyntax=true in includes/Searcher.php
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I have installed Cirrussearch for our private Wiki.

We found a problem for creating new articles which title contains "OR" within some words.

We solve that issue by modifying the file includes/Searcher.php as follows :

// if ( preg_match( '/(?:(?<!\\\\)[?*+~"!|-])|AND|OR|NOT/', $queryStringQueryString ) ) {
if ( preg_match( '/(?:(?<!\\\\)[?*+~"!|-])| AND | OR | NOT |NOT /', $queryStringQueryString ) ) {
               $this->searchContainedSyntax = true;
               // We're unlikey to make good suggestions for query string with special syntax in them....
               $showSuggestion = false;

It solves a major issue for us. The red link was hidden for some new articles.

The red link is displayed even for new article containing OR or AND or NOT (in uppercase) within some words.


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