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request for deletion: 'shell' project
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Back in Bugzilla there was a "shell" tag. It was created in old times when there were only a handful of people running the infrastructure and having server shell access. So then it made sense to tag bugs that needed a person with shell access.

Nowadays though, even before the switch to Phabricator, it didn't make that much sense anymore, for several reasons.

We have an operations team, a platform engineering team, deployers, other groups like researchers and analysists, and they all have some kind of shell or another, but they are different. So the word 'shell' in itself doesn't say much anymore. If anything it meant actually 'root' but sometimes it meant 'deploy mw config' and sometimes anything that couldn't be solved on a wiki.

Also nowadays we use configuration management like puppet and the aim would be to get rid of manual "shell" things as much as possible, so often these tasks used to be shell tasks in the past, but now they should just be puppet patches. And that means anyone could create those patches and so on.

The point is, we imported that tag into phab, but i don't think it's helpful.

is a mix of things, some need Operations, some just need patches by anyone, some need Platform Eng and so on

I suggest to remove that tag and replace it with more relevant ones, like Operations, platformeng and others.

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operations, deployers, etc.?

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CC'ing the current Members/Watchers of the "shell" tag on this ticket.

+1 for killing the project: most shell usecases are covered by the Wikimedia-Site-requests project anyway IMO, or by Wikimedia-Extension-setup.

Wikimedia-Site-requests project

Btw, what is a Site-request. Let's quesiton that as well :) Is that an alias for Team Platform Engineering?

"Shell" means that a site request is approved and ready for a shell user.

That said, we've already had countless discussions on such tags and I've always been on the "losing" side, so I'm unsubscribing.

Nemo_bis removed a subscriber: Nemo_bis.Feb 1 2015, 3:57 PM

Any other comments? If not I'll go ahead and archive that tag.

Btw, what is a Site-request. Let's quesiton that as well :) Is that an alias for Team Platform Engineering?

Different task please. But from experience, there's some overlap between Site-requests and Extension-setup anyway.

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For the records, "shell" is not used anymore, see T87623. If there are relevant open tickets they should be added to corresponding active projects.

Since I wasn't on this task before, can whoever was the biggest proponent make sure that happens, please? There are 61 in

greg added a comment.Feb 23 2015, 7:25 PM

(Also, in the future, if it has to deal with RelEng related issues, like this, please make sure RelEng is notified.)

@greg: Uhm. I'm sorry, my fault. Thanks to @tomasz the backlog is clean now.

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