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Implement ECMAScript 5 Object.keys as polyfill for Internet Explorer 8
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Implement ECMAScript 5 Object.keys as polyfill:

Internet Explorer 8 does not support Object.keys.

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@Fomafix: Which software project is this about? ULS? MediaWiki core? Adding one is welcome.

MediaWiki core has the es5-shim module, which provides this method (among others). ULS should presumably just add a dependency on it.

es5-ship in core is the right position.

But es5-ship currently does not create Object.keys. This has to be implemented.

Then ULS can depend on es5-ship.

It most definitely does create Object.keys, the code is in /resources/lib/es5-shim/es5-shim.js starting on line 752 onward.

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I read the wrong file. es5-shim already creates Object.keys.