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Backlinks API sometimes misreports uploader as a backlink
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Head to this URL: English Wikipedia backlinks API query for File:Adelaide hills from mt lofty.jpg

Expected result:
There are no incoming redirects to this file

Actual result:
API is misreporting that the uploader's talk page redirects to File:Adelaide hills from mt lofty.jpg, when actually the uploader's talk page redirects somewhere *else* but has a link to this file on it below the redirect.

This problem is not duplicated in the standard interface: English Wikipedia backlinks standard query for File:Adelaide hills from mt lofty.jpg.

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No, the API is not reporting that the user's talk page redirects to the image. It reports that there is one redirect page that links to the image, which is in fact the case.

If you want to find actual redirects to the file, use prop=redirects (like this).