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Enable Extension:Graph on cawiki
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Based on the consensus reached here, we would like Extension:Graph to be enabled in the catalan Wikipedia. Thank you!

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Right now it is enabled on only a few special wikis because it is currently in experimental phase. I don't think it would be enabled on content projects before a stable version is released. (I think I remember seeing that there was a discussion about enabling it on all Wikipedias though). @Yurik might be able to make a more definite statement.

I spoke with @kevinator about this. editors are aware that this extension is currently under development, unstable, etc. However, they are very happy to test it and start using it in their wiki.

They are one of the tech-friendliest communities around (see ContentTranslation, Flow, etc) and I see no problem in giving it a try, considering that the risk is very low: if some new graph is problematic for some reason then the editors can simply report the problem, reproduce it in some userpage, and move forward.

Didn't realise this was as widely deployed as it is. It's been security reviewed (and fixed up as appropriate), so it's pretty much good to go

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Change 187142 had a related patch set uploaded (by Reedy):
Enable Extension:Graph on cawiki


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Enable Extension:Graph on cawiki

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Thank you!

Ouuu, this is not good :(

I might have to roll it back (even though I want it deployed more than anything). There is currently no proper backend-renderer, thus all of the older browsers won't show it. Plus, I am not very happy with the data namespace, so until we figure out how to do it properly, better not having it at all.

Please revert. This should not be deployed on content wikis til we have graceful degradation to no-Javascript clients at a minimum. It is deliberately limited to non-content wikis for now.

@Qgil I take your point re Catalan being willing to try it out. The problem is that this can lead to creeping introduction of content that does not play well on mobile devices or low-end clients, without a resourced effort to solve that problem. We need to ensure that we have a proper backend for this in place before we widely enable it. I understand Yuri wants to work with this as his WP Zero responsibilities decrease.

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It was undeployed yesterday.

Changing status of this task accordingly, for the time being.

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Resolved with T87406. Changing status accordingly.