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Widgets property mysteriously refuses to update in board route
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hitting up against this issue again:

  1. I add a board and then verify it's in the db.
  2. I update the board and verify the update in the db.
  3. I go to the route for the board (/board/3) and get:


"id": "3",
"ownerId": 1,
"displayName": "Honey Has A Board",
"description": "She likes her doggy board.",
"isShared": true,
"widgets": []


I see there are no widgets, even though I specified:


method: 'PUT',
url: '/board/3',
contentType: 'application/json; charset=UTF-8',
data: JSON.stringify({
    displayName: 'Honey Has A Board',
    description: 'She likes her doggy board.',
    widgets: [ 2, 5, 1 ],
    isShared: true
success: function(stuff) {
    alert( JSON.stringify( stuff ) );


Any other changes besides changes to the widgets property in the above function will immediately update the JSON output from the route....
And everything is ok in the db.....
And I gave it hours to let node update or whatever crazy issue it was having with lag that one time......


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