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Build Multi-tennant Dashiki (host different layouts)
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Building Funnel visualization and Funnel data exploration

  • Multi-tennant Dashiki (host different layouts)
    • make a way to switch between layouts

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Please remember this also involves build changes as welll as code changes.

Agreed, nuria, here are my first thoughts for how to proceed. They're on line 644 in the tasking etherpad, we can iterate there and update here when we've decided.

Dashiki Plan:

  • Copy dashiki to a new repository called dashiki-wmf
  • Strip out everything but re-usable Components from dashiki, register dashiki with bower
  • Refactor dashiki-wmf to use the modular components from dashiki
  • Create a way to separate layouts like "funnel-layout" and "wikimetrics-layout" but have them co-exist in dashiki-wmf (probably by changing the build system)
  • Finish testing anything untested

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