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Middle click on links in the source column tries to open page in the target wiki
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From the original report:

//When I clicked on the links on the source page (in my case, english), they opened (or tried to) in the destination wiki (catalan, in my case), arriving to pages like ca:Rosemary, that don't exist.

The click I made on the link, it was not a simple click but a center-click with the mouse, that opens the link in a new tab in most browsers. I have checked and it is the same with a right click - open in new tab option.

Maybe it's not the most common way to use this tool, but I am really used to open links in new tabs. I don't know if it's easy to fix it, but it would be a great improve. I suppose I am not the only one opening links in new tabs.

Middle clicks and right click-> open in new tab/window are quite common in everyday use when clicking on links. The expected outcome of these events when triggered inside CX will need to be reviewed.

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Change 190187 had a related patch set uploaded (by Santhosh):
Add middle click handler to links in source column


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Change 190187 merged by Jsahleen:
Add middle click handler to links in source column

I am not sure if it is done as I am new in Phabricator and not used to this tool, but the links are still opening wrong. For example, when translating "Scouting" from :en and clicking on "Brownie guide" I still go to instead of

Thanks, Pau.

@Paucabot, The code is deployed in Wikipedias 10 hours back. I tested in If you still see the issue, please reopen this bug. Thanks

Thanks, santhosh. It works! Thanks for your work.