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Civi Question & Possible Task: Is there a more detailed change log than the one on the contact summary page?
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We want to be able to tell when an address was edited/added/deleted in Civi, so we can better track when a contacts address(es) are changed.

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Is this a Fundraising ticket? Please don't forget to associate projects when creating tickets.

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@CaitVirtue this sounds like a good question for Giant Rabbit... if they say "there isn't," we can define what your ask is.

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@CaitVirtue: I'm going to use this as the tracking task for "Civi change log sucks" that you mentioned last week.

Things we want:

  • Change log should say exactly what was changed.
  • Many activity lines say that the donor did the changing, when it was actually a Civi admin. The admin's name should be the one that we surface.

Bringing this into sprint as it is to be resolved in this week's deploy

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@DStrine Can we review together. I'm only seeing the detailed changes for things that have happened very recently. Literally, all other changes appear to have been wiped out.

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