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Toolbar buttons misrendering in wikitext editor in Arabic Wikipedia when user language set to LTR language
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See screenshot. For some reason the negative text indent is not working correctly in this case.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log into Arabic Wikipedia
  2. Set your language to English (or some other LTR language)
  3. Edit an article

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Interestingly the bug doesn't seem to occur on the Hebrew Wikipedia.

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Confirmed in Firefox and Chrome.

This doesn't happen at ar.wikibooks, so I guess that ar.wikipedia broke this in their Common.css.

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Caused by usage of:

.mw-content-ltr {

in their Common.css
Closing as invalid, since it is a wiki issue, that should be addressed by their community.

This also causes trouble onميدياويكي:Common.css btw, which is left to right content and is being shown right aligned for no particular reason....