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Formalize the RESTBase v1 specification
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We're rapidly approaching the v1 release target of 16 Feb 2015, so let's identify the API we intend to deliver.

This shall include:

  • an enumeration of endpoints and their input/output models (e.g. a Swagger spec)

This should include:

  • service level agreement
  • security details
  • feedback/bug report/feature request procedures
  • v2 roadmap

v1 might be a subset of what's in the current repository, or it might be the whole shebang. Either way, we're close enough to the release date that we have a pretty good idea of what we expect to ship, and can begin to communicate it to the first round of eager users.

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Current API spec at The spec is starting to stabilize, but will continue to see tweaks and doc improvements beyond the release.

Most of the other issues are follow-up work, and can be more productively tracked in separate tasks. Closing for this reason.