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Spike: what to do about Special:RecordImpression and Banner History
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T45250 and T78089 are upcoming important things to resolve, but we need to spend time developing a plan of attack for the solution.

  1. Gather requirements from all parties (Megan, Ellery, PCoombe)
  2. Make a plan!

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Proposal for this spike and T45250:

  • Get some initial feedback on the impact of the temporary solution deployed.
  • If we're satisfied with the temporary solution as such:
    • set a timeframe for rolling out something more permanent, and
    • decide whether we can roll work on the more permanent solution into work on retrieving more banner history data. (Ideally, I think that'd be the way to go...)

I'm moving this card to In Development and I moved T45250 to In Analysis, since as I understand it, that task is about a more permanent solution, too. Hope that's OK!

@AndyRussG I'm going to move this to PCR until we get confirmation from @ellery @MeganHernandez_WMF and someone from Ops.