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Education Program edit history doesn't really say anything
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Here is a page created using the education extension:

Note the edit history: As of writing, the history simply says: "16:38, 5 February 2015 Bluerasberry (talk | contribs | block)" – that's it. No other details. No byte count or anything. Also, I was told another edit was made, but I don't see it in the edit history.

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As I understand, there is no one at WMF taking responsibility for developing this extension, and no future work on it is planned. I would like to either see it continue to be developed or to be given information about its next generation replacement.

Otherwise it would be useful to get additional confirmation that no one is available to develop it at any time in the foreseeable future.

It exists as a project on Phabricator. Whether or not anyone is involved with that project is another question entirely.

I believe the next generation is the "Campaigns" extension. Wiki Education Foundation might be working on this; I will have to double-check.

In the meantime, the utter lack of detail in the edit history is somewhat concerning.

There has only been one actual edit to the course page itself. Since it's not a single field of wikitext like a normal article, most of the normal history features don't work as you'd expect from an article, but if there are multiple edits, there is a primitive diff feature to show how things changed from edit to edit.

In this case, the course page is using a template which transcludes some talk space content, so other edits were made to those pages. The three edit links in the blank space above the article banner will lead you to those talk pages.

It's also possible to edit the course page itself, remove the course page template, and transclude any arbitrary wiki page with the content you want for the page (or add wikitext directly). Since this isn't a course, that might be a better way to go.

Very unusual. I hope under Frank's benevolent guidance we will replace this weird system. Thank you, Sage!

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Extension is being removed and archived.