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Create test plan for VE on mobile evaluation for new users
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Beginning of Q4 we should have plan in place to do qualitative and quantitative testing of VE on mobile, this could come in many forms, either testing early production code, or concept testing with prototypes. If we're able to have working code in place, it would be ideal to be able to benchmark funnels analysis of WTE/desktop vs VE/desktop to compare with WTE/mobile vs VE/mobile (and also WTE/Table vs VE/Tablet), which might mean we need to do some groundwork prior to the end of the quarter, or frontload this work at the beginning of Q4.

note: this is below the priority to getting VE production ready on desktop this quarter not anything that we need to slot into our limited remaining time in Q3, but I want those involved to know that it is on the horizon.

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Working on this is contingent on Editing team priorities.

Added to agenda for Aug 11, 2015 Design Research/Editing meeting

@Jdforrester-WMF do have an idea of when you will need this research completed? We're going to leave this as 'blocked' until we have a better idea of when you need us to get 'er done.

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This will be postponed until the visual editor is ready for usability testing. @dchen and I did a heuristic evaluation of the visual editor on both iOS and Android mobile web, and it is not ready for usability testing. We are building our findings document now, and will share out as soon as it is done

Removing DR from this task because the priority/timeline for the product team is not clear. However, please feel free to re-add us when the VE team decides to work on mobile editing, we would be happy to provide support.