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Some transclusions aren't expanding to wikitext and are coming back unchanged
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Some examples are:

From dewiki:

{{subst:#ifeq: {{{2}}} | a | style="line-height: 15px; background: #DDA; border: 3px solid #A86;" | {{subst:#ifeq: {{{2}}} | b | style="line-height: 15px; background: #DDE; border: 3px solid #1874CD;" | style="line-height: 20px; background: #E0E0E0; border: 2px solid #1874CD;"}}}}

From plwiki:

{{państwo dane {{{państwo}}} | infobox państwo/core | wariant ={{{państwo}}} | link | altlink | nazwa |rozmiar }}

Discovered this via infinite loop expansions on some pages:


and {{Begrüßungsbox}} transclusion on dewiki.

We should investigate and fix. The infinite loop itself exposed a different bug that is now fixed via But the original cause of failed expansions is tracked here.

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The reason right now is that the PHP API action=expandtemplates returns the same wikitext for those expressions. For example, requestion the expansion of {{subst:echo|foo}} with


  expandtemplates: {
    wikitext: "{{subst:echo|foo}}"

We'll have to detect those cases in Parsoid or add some flag to expantemplates that avoids this behavior.

I think this is because subst: is a PST. This is probably another instance of missing functionality in Parsoid similar to T104523

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