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Enable Extension:UploadWizard on id.wikipedia
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Feb 8 2015, 7:19 AM
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Since the copyright law of Indonesia has changed on October 2014, and through "File metadata cleanup drive", id.wikipedia has been identified as a wiki with thousands of copyvio images. Discussions for cleaning up the wiki from copyvio files are ongoing among the sysops, but for preventing similar case happening in the future, after discussing among the sysops, we think that it is best to replace the current "Upload file" feature with a more user friendly one, i.e. UploadWizard. One of the arguments that we think lead of thousands of copyvio is that users are not well informed on what license to choose on Special:Upload (it was just a dropdown list with minimal description), hence they did not choose any or even randomly choose one.

I know that UploadWizard has been deployed on Wikimedia Commons, but is it possible to also enable it on id.wikipedia? If needed, we can start a discussion among the Indonesian Wikipedia community at the Village Pump. Thank you.

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Hi . For any configuration change, we require a local consensus. Could you discuss the matter on your wiki to confirm that this change is wanted by the community, and paste the link to the discussion here?

For more information about how to request these kinds of changes, please see and feel free to forward that link to others who may want similar changes made in the future. Thanks!

Also, this extension seems to need more localisation first before installing it. See!translated&action=translate

Hi, I've brought it up to the Indonesian Wikipedia's Village Pump and will wait for replies (probably took around a week). Besides that, yeah we'll do the translation process at translatewiki. Thanks for the assistance :)

Hi, I've brought it up to the Indonesian Wikipedia's Village Pump

Please provide a link

Extension localization has been completed (but not yet completely reviewed). (Translatewiki)

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I'm taking it. It would be great if you found more consensus.

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Change 190744 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gerardduenas):
Enable Extension:UploadWizard on idwiki


On the "licensing" section, is it possible to add PD-IDGov at the options in addition to PD-USGov? Thanks.

Some thoughts:

  • UploadWizard currently has a lot of very Commons-specific code in it, which is kind of fine if it's the only wiki where it's deployed, but will become at least ten - if not a hundred - times more problematic if we deploy the extension somewhere else.
  • Adding license choices is as easy as submitting a config patch - please fill another task for adding PD-IDGov to the config array for - unless you want it to be added for Commons, too, in which case you should probably add two tickets.
  • If copyrighted images aren't allowed on idwiki, why are people uploading them locally? Why not send the upload file link to Commons?

Okay I'll create another ticket for adding PD-IDGov later. FYI, idwiki allows fair use images.

@MarkTraceur It's true that uploadwizard is very commons-specific, but it can also work fine in other wikis (in rowiki for example, they are very happy with the extension)

@Kenrick95 OK, in that case I would suggest ripping out all of the license choices except for fair use, which isn't really well-supported in UploadWizard either - have you thought about importing enwiki's upload wizard gadget, which does?

@Kenrick95 OK, in that case I would suggest ripping out all of the license choices except for fair use, which isn't really well-supported in UploadWizard either - have you thought about importing enwiki's upload wizard gadget, which does?

The current options should be fine, only with additions to the fair-use choices will make this tool good for us. Yeah we've tried out (among admins) enwiki's upload wizard gadget and we thought that it was not user friendly enough and thought that why not just go ahead to use Upload Wizard extension since it seems like the future of uploading images in Wikipedia.

The biggest issue that uploading files becomes a mess is because on most Wikipedias there are not enough people with enough understanding of licenses and are not in sight of the Commons community who is much experienced in licenses. Uploading locally at itself gives the mess, and the mess can grow only worse with less attention for the subject.

One of the key aspects of Wikipedia/Wikimedia is that we create free licensed materials that can be re-used. This re-use is very strong between Wikipedias. Therefore it is highly recommended to upload files to Commons instead of locally.

So if possible, do not upload locally but upload on Commons.

LoL no Romaine. No, just no. Also if you subscribe and giving a comment, better stay a while so you can also hear our counter opinion, I hate one way talk like this.

A tool from 2010 is hardly the "future of uploading images", especially since we don't plan on deploying this on most Wikipedia sites anytime soon.

Adding fair-use license choices will be more complex than I think you appreciate - not only will we need to add fields for all of the parts of the fair use declaration, we'd need to take pains to make sure the design was still as user-friendly as you found it before. But that's silly, because 1. the English Wikipedia wizard already has all of those fields, and 2. such a vast number of fields will probably never be very user-friendly.

I'll talk to some people about this, but I have serious reservations, especially since it will require development time which is better spent making the tool more accessible to uphill battle to be sure.

I know, and I am sorry, but I just got easily offended when people talk to me but don't want to hear my reply, I apologize.

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Enable UploadWizard on idwiki

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I agree with Romaine that freely licensed files schooled be uploaded on commons (FairUse should be uploaded locally of course).

And i also agree with Mark Traceur's comments above. Upload Wizard is not designed for such a use.

You ever considered writing a js based tool? Example at

This task has been stalled for five years. Declining per comments in this discussion.