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zirconium: more space for /srv
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on zirconium, i need a bit more space on /srv/org to put all the archived static Bugzilla HTML files.

but / is just under 10G and at the same time /var/log is a separate mount:

/dev/md0 9.2G 7.6G 1.2G 88% /

/dev/mapper/zirconium-varlog 50G 6.7G 41G 15% /var/log

which still has >40G left. take some of that back and give it to /

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I take that back. Nothing needs to be resized here. Actually there were tons of free extents on the physical volume. (1TB disk but just a dozen Gs used in logical volumes)

making a new lv for the entire /srv/ instead and have to move the docroots, they are all under /srv/

made a new 10G lv for /srv/

rsynced old /srv/ over and mounted new /srv/

added to /etc/fstab

/dev/mapper/zirconium-srv on /srv type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)

/dev/mapper/zirconium-srv 9.9G 1.1G 8.4G 12% /srv

we have more space now again. resolving.

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