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Restore/salvage Wikimedia DC's Etherpad installation
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Wikimedia DC had an etherpad at It hasn't really worked in some while, and honestly I am not sure what the point of having our own etherpad is when WMF's is better (we also have hackpad, at, for those who are so inclined).

In the meantime, there is data stored in there and it would be nice to rescue. Let's bring the Etherpad online and then figure out what to do with it. Or instead we could dump the contents of the database and find new homes for the notes stored there, if that is feasible.

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It turns out the Etherpad server has been off the for the past year or so. @jeremyb, could you turn it back on?

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root@eve:~# service etherpad-lite start
Starting Etherpad Lite... 
start-stop-daemon: unable to open pidfile '/var/run/etherpad/' for writing (No such file or directory)

A pidfile? A process ID file? Is one necessary?

root@eve:/var/run# mkdir /var/run/etherpad/
root@eve:/var/run# service etherpad-lite start
Starting Etherpad Lite...

It seems to work now.

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