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Set favicon for Wikimedia Incubator
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Author: dbmag9

The favicon for Incubator is currently the 'W' (as at Wikipedia). It should be a smaller
version of the logo decided by the contest at Meta. I have made a .ico file for this
purpose (attached). Please upload it to the correct place.

Thank you.

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Severity: enhancement



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dbmag9 wrote:

A favicon file I created for Wikimedia Incubator

attachment favicon.ico ignored as obsolete

Reopening this one, the favicon currently using does not loaded properly on the IE browser.

A screenshot showing the non working favicon on IE browser.


bug-incubatorwiki-favicon-ie.png (600×800 px, 179 KB)

The new favicon for the incubator


jeluf wrote:


Please, don't reopen bugs that are closed for a long time. In the ticket lists, tickets are usually sorted by creation date. If you reopen an old ticket, it shows up at the wrong end of the work queue and gets forgotten.