Insufficient error message when search character limit is hit
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I hope this is not because of a 4 character limit. I would understand a 3 character limit, but 4? If it is a limit, then the bug is that a message explaining that is missing.

Steps to reproduce: Search for "ISO".
Actual: "No search results."
Expected: I either want to find T85324, for example, or get a helpful message explaining that I hit a limit.

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Yes, it's because of a default 4 character limit. We're fixing it though! See T89274

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Oh. Then there are two issues here: The limit should be lowered (I assume this is local configuration) and the missing message should be implemented. Can you please report this upstream? I edited this task accordingly.

Can you elaborate on what you want out of this ticket now?

If you search for a string of 2 characters now you would in theory get the same behavior. No results is literally true in this case since the index does not contain these results.

The pressing issue is solved, thanks.

The error message is still misleading. There are pages that can be found when searching for "is" but they are not found. The question "why" (either because such a page does not exist or is not in the index) is not answered by the error message. So it's still an open issue but not that pressing any more. Feel free to close if there is no good way to solve it.

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