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Ability to link to specific article content, with highlighting
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For example,

In the link above, you'll see that the page is scrolled down until the quote is centered on the screen, and highlighting is applied.

It would be really fun if it were possible to share these links with friends and foils ;)

We would need an interface to create links like that--perhaps internal search and even G**gle result referrer build an URL with a query param or fragment that causes the text to be highlighted.

These URLs should probably include an oldid to help resolve the reference when the text has been modified.

(I couldn't find the project for MediaWiki-Core-UI... please add if you know)

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I would love to get started on this. What are the things we need?

  • convention for URLs
  • interface to create these kind of URLs
  • on every page load, check if the query is of this type and handle
  • method to handle changed text and old links pointing to removed/modified content

Can this be added to Possible-Tech-Projects ?

You first need to get some wiki(s) interested in this feature. You could try Wikiquote in English, for instance. The Italian Wikisource has something similar.

I posted in the village pumps of the English Wikipedia (where I received mixed responses) and Wikiquote (where I haven't received a response yet).

The relevant pages are:

At what point can we say a wiki is interested?

A wiki is interested when they offer to enable and use a beta version in their pages and to actively collaborate to the definition of requirements etc., so that you have feedback. (Ideally. You could say it's the "Customer collaboration over contract negotiation" part.)

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