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labswiki isn't replicated on Labs
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Apologies if this is already filed, I couldn't find it but I definitely remember it being discussed before...

labswiki ( is not replicated on Labs. I'm not sure why. If there are issues of sensitive data in some of the tables, we could at least have basic tables like page and revision.

Having all public WMF wikis replicated on Labs is important for things like interwiki link maintenance and statistical tasks across the entire WMF cluster.

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I would guess that the lack of replication is mostly due to wikitech being "special" and not having it's database hosted on the main Wikimedia database cluster.

Yeah. We also have labtestwiki running at on labtestweb2001 now with a similarly isolated mysql setup

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I do not think this is going to happen soon due to how special labswiki is- feel free to reopen (or open a new one with a feature request), but this is not a bug "labswiki isn't replicated on labs"- that is on purpose. This doesn't mean that is always going to be like that, but a lot has to change to be able to do that. I have to be realistic and would consider this for now as declined.