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Do something about Gothic translations
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The current Gothic translations shipped with MediaWiki are clearly of a bad quality. They should either be removed or translation should be allowed in so that they can be fixed.

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Hello. I 'm the new administrator of the Gothic wikipedia and the reason why I became an administrator is because it was neglected and because too many people with a too bad knowledge of the language were managing it, I also contacted Nikerabbit about this problem. I have studied the Gothic grammar of Wilhelm Braune, Die Gotische Grammatik and I have read several parts in the Gothic grammar of Joseph Wright, I have also read parts in the Gothic Bible and I can read it quite well. First of all, the declinations and conjugations are often used completely wrong, the demonstrative pronoun which is only used in special instances as a definite article is always used as a definite article in the current interface and I would like to be able to remove these as scholars agree that the number of instances in which the dem. pron. was used as a definite article was quite low. Also compound words is one of the biggest problems, as I often see how words with a -ja stem having short syllables or long ones being turned into a compound word in the wrong way.

Also, it is in fact possible to have a good Gothic interface but, like Nikerabbit says that current translations are of a bad quality and I would like to be able to improve this, as there is currently nobody else which will do that, due to too few people knowing the Gothic language, and the current translators are inactive, some of them for years.


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Gothic translations are re-updated now, why not close this task?

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