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Build a Multilingual tag alternative in LUA using data from Wikidata
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Commons currently has a lot of multilingual tags, see . The tags convert a word to other languages and sometimes add a link. See for example the one for Berlin at

This is a lot of duplicate information. The template should be reduced to:

{{#invoke:Multilingual tag|Multilingual tag

wikidata = Q64
nolink = {{{nolink }}}
lang = {{lang{{{1}}}}}}


(or maybe even less)

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Looks like this got implemented last year, see for example . I just did and that seems to work fine. A bot seems to have converted most locations.

When I look for templates not yet converted I see a lot of museums, see . Probably a bit more should be bot converted and the whole lot better documented?

Yes I wrote Module:Wikidata label last September and converted several hundred templates associated with template:City, to use it. Now also all the Creator templates use that module to display persons name, if Wikidata q-code is present. I will slowly remove "name" fields from creator templates with Wikidata, while doing other edits. it would be great if someone converted other template using {{LangSwitch}} to link to articles on different wikipedias.

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