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Add option to count logs as well in xContribs
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I've added such an option just out of curiosity, compare and . It takes about 10 seconds more in the worst case (~700 wikis to check), which is better than I expected (thanks to the logging_userindex table).

However, log counts come with their own set of issues, in particular the fact that there is a bias towards certain wikis with higher logging (like interwiki userrights changes on Meta-Wiki, autopatrolled on wikis with patrolled edits). Is this feature worthwhile enough? If so, we can add a checkbox to make it clearly available.

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Looks to be a useful addition, I would say, go ahead to implement, but maybe make a remark next to the option about the consequences.

Despite what I said, the difference in graphs is not great e.g. for an account like mine:

Additionally, we may want to handle cache and I already got some "complaints" for complexity added elsewhere (the Theil index), so maybe better not overload the interface.