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Inappropriate lack of spacing in math notation when "align" is used.
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Lately I have seen numerous instances of the problem of which the following is an example. In the article titled "Causal graph", in the section titled "Example", the following code appears. The way it is rendered does not put the appropriate and standard amount of space between the notation preceding the "=" and the "=" itself. This began happening only recently.

: <math>
Q_1 &= U_1\\
C &= a \cdot Q_1 + U_2\\
Q_2 &= c \cdot C + d \cdot Q_1 + U_3\\
S &= b \cdot C + e \cdot Q_2 + U_4,

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Thanks for taking the time to report this!

Please provide links to reproduce. I assume this is about ? I don't see any issue with space there. You might want to attach a comparison screenshot here and provide browser information (generally welcome).

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This problem is specific to using the MathML mode with SVG fallback.


There should be a space before the = signs, but there is not.

However, it's specific to the SVG only. The MathML output looks good.

MathML rendering with FF

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