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Non standard calandar model breaks JS UI
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on I added a qualifier to a claim by API-function wbsetqualifier


Something goes wrong. Now you can't neither add new properties to item nor modify or delete this property in Frontend, see

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Set to unbreak now for investigation to see how bad this is.

hoo added a comment.Feb 17 2015, 8:56 AM

Ok, this is worse than I initially thought... the problem here is the calendar model URL used, it should be /entity/ not /wiki/. But the actual root problem is that we don't validate these URLs AT ALL.

hoo added a comment.Feb 17 2015, 9:02 AM

Example: ("calendarmodel":"")

I tried but can't reproduce it.

What exactly does "something goes wrong" mean? There is really, really not enough information given to do anything for you, @Balu. Sorry to say that.

Balu added a comment.EditedFeb 17 2015, 9:13 AM

@thiemowmde: it means, that with sending the above string to api.php the frontend isn't usabele anymore. I can't say more. I am only observing this effect. What can I tell more?

@hoo: this URL is documented here: Is this docu wrong?

: oh no, sorry, I've copied this wrong. I now see the error. Thx.

I think the current behavior is not too bad. The Wikibase JavaScript code found some value it cannot allow you to edit because the UI is not able to represent the current state. What's broken about this is that the UI is not able to handle non-standard calendar models, but that's more of a feature request than a bug. We might also think about how to make the JS code more fail-safe, so that at least the remainder of it is executed when it encounters such an error, but I find that to be a minor problem.

This is just the kind of issue you get when your data model and API support more than your UI does. In that case, crashing is a much better choice of action than for example silently dropping or overwriting the non-supported value.

I agree that is stupid (it causes data loss) and closed it. I wish we could:

  1. Catch exceptions somehow so the UI doesn't "crash" completely. Only the problematic statement should be non-editable. See @Snaterlicious comment at
  2. Enhance the UI, similar to what we call "special" coordinate precisions, as suggested in the discussion at Unknown calendar models should be displayed in the dropdown as they are. The user can either keep the "special" calendar model (no data loss) or change it to one of the known calendar models.
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Will open a new ticket to add option to selector.