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Special:Export returns no revisions if all revisions are requested
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Special:Export returns an empty XML skelleton if the "current revision only"
option is not checked. This is the case no matter if the 100-revision-limit is
hit or not. I suspect that it's a problem with the code that implements that
limit, so i'm posting it as a wikimedia issue rather than a mediawiki issue.

BTW: I'm not sure what the output is supposed to look like of the max number of
revisions is hit - is it truncated, or an empty skelleton, or does it result in
an error? Failing silently does not seem a good idea, an error message would be

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Forgot to mention: i tried this with commons, dewiki and enwiki. I expect it to
be the same for all projects.

Oh, and regarding the error message - some feedback if a non-existing page is
requested would be nice. OTOH, several bots and scripts rely on requesting a
non-existing page in Special:Export as a hack to fetch namespace names...

This is related to (but kind of the opposite of) bug 6946