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window beforeunload and unload break/change back/forward cache.
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I remember we have these in MW, and I've just learned that this affects the caching strategy of modern browsers.
I/We should evaluate if we have this problem.

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See for more information about this in Internet Explorer (It will be shown when opening F12 and browsing on wikipedia with IE11). Using https also breaks it, so beforeunload is not a big problem (for logged in users)

mediawiki.confirmCloseWindow.js says: "remove the handler while the alert is showing - otherwise breaks caching in Firefox (3?).", so somebody at least evaluated this problem in the past (see T24680), though I don't know whether the solution still works in current browsers.

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LQT does this incorrectly it seems.
Can be fixed quite easily by replacing with mw.confirmCloseWindow.

The preferences page was doing this correctly, but with code duplication. Addressed with

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I think we don't really care about LQT right ?
I'll close this. Can always be reopened if required.