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Add a call to action to the empty assignee field?
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I always liked how on Bugzilla, unassigned tasks had "Nobody - You can work on this!" as the assignee.
On Phabricator, this has been replaced with a much more mundane "None".

It would be great if we could change this to be some call to action; it'd make it nice and clear that just anybody can help out on the task, instead of a certain team, or having to be a staff member, and so forth.
It'd certainly fit in with Phabricator's casual vibe (even if serious business mode is enabled).

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This doesn't look like it's easy to do without hacking the source, which I'm guessing we're resistant to; Phabricator opts for the sentence-as-key version of i18n, and the phrase "None" is reused nineteen times in the code, so we wouldn't be able to do the equivalent of editing the MediaWiki namespace.

Of course, if we are open to hacking on the source, the change is trivial. It's a matter of deciding which strings to change (there are similar fields outside of Manifest; for example, the "Reviewers" field in Differential).

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So this basically is a request to reimplement T59648: More descriptive name for default assignee "Nobody" that expresses "You can work on this".
We can "translate" (=rename) user-visible strings in Phabricator rather easily, but strings do not have context for each occurrence, and the string "None" is used in so many places that changing it is not an option. And there it gets complicated.

If this request was fulfilled somehow, I'd see T63985: Bugzilla "Assigned To: Nobody" field confusing: Clicking it does not provide action like "take" as a logical followup again which would need to be done in upstream first.

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I'd rather leave the current behavior as it is, and put "Ready-For-Volunteers" into good use (T88266).

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Declining, based on discussion.

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