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wikitech instances list is blank
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There are no instances listed on for projects which definitely have instances, e.g. Deployment-prep.

Additionally, the instances list on Nova_Resource:Deployment-prep is showing one instance but none of the rest show up.

This isn't isolated to one project, all of the projects which I am a member of seem to be broken / missing instances...

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The first case (no instances showing up on happens usually when the OpenStack auth expires, but not the MediaWiki one. Does logging out and in again fix this for you?

The second case typically means that Semantic MediaWiki got out of sync. Some months ago, @Andrew ran a maintenance script to reparse all SMW data to fix this.

I haven't logged out and the problem seems to have resolved it's self. I'm not sure what the issue was, I had assumed it was related to the outage on labs yesterday.

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I just re-ran the smw rebuild, so that might have fixed half of this.

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I'm encountering empty instance list almost every time I try to use the instance list. Needing to log out and log in again works around the problem, but with 2FA that is quite annoying.

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Just encountered this bug again myself. Logging out and back in fixes it.

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