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Get ContentTranslation to translate all links inside tables
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If you translate articles with tables, only a few of the links inside a table are going to be linked, even if they all exist in the target wiki.

How to reproduce?

  1. Open
  2. Click to translate table in article.
  3. Result for first table:

Please note, that articles like "Sandra Bullock" exist in the target wiki (da)

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It seems the machine translation backend is not returning some links translated when it is inside the table, It could be a issue in Apertium or our markup reapplying code in cxserver. To be investigated.

I also saw some instances where our link adaptation tool fails to adapt a few links.

@Esanders, this particular bug is not about editing tables, but mostly about how we translate the content inside the table using machine translation backend and link adaptaion tool. I think there is another ticket about general table editing support, that can be link to T105447: [Epic] replace plain contenteditable with VisualEditor in ContentTranslation