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"Get Test" in A/B testing header
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As a member of the fundraising team, I want to get results for data related to a specific campaign or set of banners.


  • Display title "Banner Testing Reports"
  • Display "Get Test" button

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this header will be applied to the ABTesting board, right? as opposed to the widget (which exists but is not currently implemented)

regarding the quick/fuzzy search, from my perspective that should not be a problem as even if the queries are sluggish (using LIKE %bannername% or some such) they won't be hitting production databases. down the road i anticipate restructuring the way the name is stored to make it more relational and even easier to search and sort.

Good questions. I'm not sure how it should work (as a widget or a part of the board or what), but the idea is that this header will dictate the data displayed across all the widgets in the board. The user won't have to adjust each widget to get the right content. Also happy to discuss on IRC or hangout or whatever for some more context if you want! I made these wireframes.

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