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G-7. Spike: Figure out how to add Flow Topic search to site search [bug 60493]
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This card is for engineer to pick up Matthias work, answer more questions from checklist below, then meet with Danny/S/Nick and Nik and Chad (and other interested developers) to figure out how to get Flow Topic search results in site search.

Questions to answer
  • how could CirrusSearch index Topic text?
  • how would edits & replies to a Topic trigger CirrusSearch reindexing?
  • Could intitle:math work for topic's title rather than only the Topic: *S0n4m7q632z8ycpv* page title?
  • will CirrusSearch index HTML of pages or wikitext? Note wikitext will match content text expanded using latest templates whereas posts don't use latest templates until re-edited.
  • will Topic search work for wikis using Flow but not CirrusSearch extension?
  • can relevance ranking of search results prefer topic title, then reply text?
  • what about the other Full text search features like prefix and Topic:math ?
  • how can we get Nik and Chad to do all the work?
  • Should be a separate card?
  • can site search show topic h2 title instead of Topic: *S0n4m7q632z8ycpv* ?
  • can we support existing prefix:Talk:Some_Flow_board to search within topics that appeared on a particular Flow board?
  • can we support prefix:Talk:Beta_Features/ to search across all the Beta features Flow boards that are subpages of Talk:Beta_Features?

Trello card: VnlAS6vN

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