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Template substitution massively broken in several wikis
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Author: mvdRoehe

Template substitution is massively broken in several wikis, cf.
Also found garbled Wiktionary pages but forgot to keep the URLs

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Severity: normal



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  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 7005 ***

mvdRoehe wrote:

Sorry, problems persist and have not been fixed. There are still garbled pages all
over the place.

yes, it's not fixed, that's why bug 7005 is still open. that does not change the
fact that this report is a dupe.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 7005 ***

Reopening since these bugs need to be fixed on a template-by-template
basis, there's no magic bullet.

Note that you can use the new [[Special:ExpandTemplates]] to fix problem
articles by expanding the templates they contain.

I've fixed all three articles. I'm prepared to look at any further
instances of broken articles, and even to introduce features as need be,
as I did for fr:, but I'm not going to remove the limit. I think these
instances have shown that the limit is well-targeted, breaking only the
most ugly, slow-rendering pages and templates.

mvdRoehe wrote:

Replacing each Template by their expansion is not a solution at all to a general
problem. Man could do that occasionally for short time help, only. You would please
forget to "fix" the more than 1200 "year" pages this way, and many more left.

This is not the place for discussing special templates (if you know a place, please
point me to it!) so only short: The language templates used in e.g. http:// are from time long ago without parser
functions. They will be made better and quicker with them, also some other drawbacks
lifted, layout/colors moved to CSS e.g., etc. I am working on and planning that, but
will take time. Until then, existing functionallity must be kept working.

Closing WONTFIX, since that best describes the remainder of the bug. I'll fix the 1200 year pages
if you want me to, but I get the feeling you won't be satisfied with that.

mvdRoehe wrote:

Please restore functionality. Dont waste your time on "year" articles.
I am going to make the Babel-templates better, once all needed information is there,
and we will see what comes out of it. [[Special:ExpandTemplates]] will help much. I
wish I had it in the beginning.

robchur wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 7005 ***