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Search for keys (API)
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This story is part of the below context, and describes requirements that will make the APIs of the Translation extension more complete, which will allow for easier integration with and developing against the Translate extension. details all possible aspects of the Translate extension API (52 features in 4 API dimensions – commandline, special page, interal, web API).

The following assessments have been made for each of the 208 cells:

  • Is this functionality currently supported? Green: Good interface and documentation exist, Orange: Interface exists, but there is a problem with the implementation or documentation, Yellow: Work in progress, Red: No interface or hard to use.
  • Is this functionality of any importance? Empty for not important, filled cells with priority from highest (1) to lowest (*). D means documentation should be added or updated. Of the 208 cells, 26 cells have a priority of 1 and 10 cells have an indication that documentation should be added or updated.

Use cases

  • I want to find all messages from message group X, that contain string Y (excluding stuff like _ and &) and see how they are translated into language Z to easily fix all translations to be consistent.
  • I want to find all messages that contain term Y and see how they are translated into language Z.
  • I want to find all translations that use deprecated term Y so that I can easily fix them.
  • I saw an incorrect translation and I want to find the message so that I can correct it. I may only remember the translation partially.
  • I saw a untranslated message in the interface, and I want to find it to translate it.
  • I am translating a new message and I want to see how similar messages have been translated before to maintain consistency (~ translation memory feature)

Some common things:

  • Search results should display the source text and the translation into (one) language
  • Easy access to change the translation needed (UI stuff, not really API)
  • Need to be able to limit to message groups


As a Translate extension API user I can query for message keys (optionally per message group) containing a search string in a language so that I can present these in a UI.

Acceptance criteria

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