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LDAP based login is broken in pywikibot because lgdomain is not set
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Couldn't figure out why core didn't work on my wiki with LDAP login. After some debugging I found out that lgdomain doesn't seem to be set anywhere at all. See|query+info

If I just hardcode login_request["lgdomain"] = "mydomain" in, it magically works. The login logic should look in the family file if self.ldapDomain is set and if that's the case include it in the request. Compat doesn't have this problem.

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Can we set lgdomain even without LDAP login?

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This is pretty good first task, as it needs to be backwards compatible with compat, so no bikeshedding on names, etc. and it should be two lines of code in core.

compat$ git grep ldapDomain
families/README-family.txt:        #self.ldapDomain = 'domain here'        self.ldapDomain = ()            if                predata['lgdomain'] =            if     # VistaPrint fix                predata["wpDomain"] =

@Multichill, are you able to test patches for this?

Hi, I am interested in working on this bug.
As far as I understand (from the discussions above) there needs to be a check on ldapDomain and lgdomain should be set accordingly, somewhere near line no. 3036 in
i.e. just after the initialisation.
I'm completely new to this so please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere and should I move ahead resolving this bug?

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why in Can't it be done in the like how it was done in compact?

The modification to outlined here resolved the issue for me:

LDAP authentication worked until I added a second domain to the authentication options in my LocalSettings.php. I have not had an opportunity to revert the change and test, but I wanted to mention it just in case it helps reproduce the issue.

Change 330144 had a related patch set uploaded (by Phantom42):
Fix broken LDAP based login

Change 330144 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix broken LDAP based login

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Patch has been merged. Hence closing as resolved. Thanks!