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[Epic] Allow collaborative translation
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Feb 20 2015, 3:41 PM
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Case: a big article have to be translated. Alone, it will take days, but if I can invite my friends to help, it will really go fast. It can also be useful for educational projects (editing in teams, access for the teacher...).

It is possible to do it using a sub-page or a draft somewhere on a wiki. However, it required a great coordination to know who is going to translate what and edits conflicts will happen often. Plus, all tools developed on CX are missing.
Another solution is to coordinate who translate what, do the translation on CX, publish the result on a sub-page and copy/paste all sub-elements in the article.

The current structure of CX seems to allow this and VE integration will ease the job (@Catrope has worked on real-time editing):

  • each paragraph is a different element. It it possible to mark an element as being handled by a given user in real-time
  • there is no edit conflicts when you publish the page, because the translation is a page creation

Things to consider:

  • T173011: Explore in-context discussions on articles would be a great plus, for instance if you need to ask your friends to review something you are not sure of.
  • Invite friends
  • Request an invitation to access to an article when this article is already in someone's backlog.

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Wiki pages can be edited collaboratively.

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